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We are located in Pahrump, Nevada

Calvada Design may be located in Nevada, but high-speed Internet access has given us the ability to also complete successful web design projects on both the east and west coasts.

It was time for a change

Both my wife and I grew up and had spent nearly all of our time in the great state of New Jersey, at times living less than 30 minutes from New York City.  When vacationing to the southwest one year, it suddenly occurred to us that it might be nice to experience living in a totally different environment, with less humidity and lower density.

In 2003 we started looking at homes and property in dryer climate regions, and after 2 cross-country RV trips, we purchased an acre in a small town at the southern end of Nevada’s Nye County. Pahrump is 50 miles west of Las Vegas, and less than a mile from the California–Nevada border.

The rural southwest is the perfect place to find creative inspiration, with snow-capped mountains soaring above dry desert lake beds, and beautiful sunsets nearly every evening. These views, combined with the pleasant “high-desert” temperatures and very low humidity can make someone from New Jersey feel like they are on a never ending vacation. When the need occurs for things only a big city can offer, Las Vegas is just a one-hour drive away, and Los Angeles is less than a 5 hour drive.