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3D Modeling

The ability to present a virtual 3D product in any imaginable position or camera angle can be very useful when trying to make an impact. Calvada Design can provide this capability in combination with a new website design, or as a separate contract.

Feasibility and Fit Studies

Often a primary justification for generating a 3-D model is to observe and assess the feasibility of a new idea. Will the object be the right size in order to fit in the environment where it will be used or stored? Will the control points (human interface) be logical and intuitive? When operated or used to its fullest design extent, will it collide or otherwise interfere with anything typically located near it? Detailed 3-D models of design concepts can ultimately be a tremendous time savings because problems with fit and interference can be corrected before the first prototype is built. This is one of the reasons automobile manufacturers can bring new designs to market in less than half the time it took before CAD systems were employed.

3D Modeling for Vehicles & Components

At Calvada Design, we have a particular interest in all things related to vehicular transportation and motor sports.

These 3D renderings of a mid-engine sports car concept are an example of a realistic design that could be used in a promotion or brochure and would not be restricted by an auto manufacturer's copyrights.


3D modeling for Architecture and Landscape

Before finalizing a new facility design, viewing a photo-realistic 3-D rendering will enable you to analyze many details that cannot be evaluated with 2-D drawings alone. Accurate sunlight angles and shadows corresponding to a specific time and day of the year can be viewed from any angle. The impact of placing interior light fixtures, windows, and skylights can also be illustrated and analyzed. The level of detail provided can be specified at the start of a new project.


The primary purpose for creating the 3-D model will usually dictate the level of detail required. For example, if a 3-D model is to be used to determine the optimum size for a workshop or garage, it will be necessary to create the interior shell of the building and all of the major pieces of machinery, power tools, cabinets, workbenches, vehicle lifts, and the largest vehicles to be accommodated. After determining a position for each piece of equipment, it will become very clear if the remaining space is sufficient for accomplishing the tasks to be handled in the workshop.

3D Photo-Realistic Renderings

Our 3D Product Visualization service creates highly detailed and accurate 3 dimensional models of objects that typically may not yet exist. Once an accurate 3-D model is created, it can be viewed and studied from any angle. Additionally, the modeled object can be placed in various simulated environments and photo-realistic renderings can be generated which quickly communicate what your finished product will look like.