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Business Websites

Calvada Design employs a number of techniques in order to create outstanding websites for the lowest possible cost. For example, when a customer requires the extensive features of a Content Management System (CMS), we may start with an open-source framework, such as WordPress, Joomla!, or Zen Cart. The completed website will have a unique style created by Calvada Design, and it will benefit from thousands of development man-hours and low acquisition cost. Like all CMS websites, it will not require special web skills to do routine updates. This is particularly helpful when the content on the website changes frequently, or when content is submitted by a number of different authors.

There are several reasons we may use an open-source framework to create a new website, besides the obvious time and cost savings. The popular open-source content management systems are supported by vast international user and developer communities, and hundreds of extensions are available for for adding a wide variety of functionality to your open-source CMS based website.

There are also situations where specific website requirements can justify the additional cost of a commercial CMS, and we will always select the best components for each unique project.